Our First Field Trip

Nicci and I decided that we were going to become “super moms” and take our kids on a field trip every week.  I got this cool book called Babies and Toddlers in Southern California (or something like that) and it has over 250 places to take your baby or toddler.  Some ideas are better than others, like a school bus yard… you’re kidding, right? But one of the better ideas was the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana.  So, we took our 3 kids and the DeBerards 2 and it was so much fun!  I highly recommend it to anyone who has a kid younger than 7ish.  There was a whole Elmo exhibit about the body, dinosaurs, and an obstacle course for bare feet only.  Everything was hands on.  The kids had a blast!  Here’s some pictures of the good times! 

img_1021.JPG img_1033.JPG




2 responses

  1. How fun, I’ve only been there with school age kids and it looks like a totally different experience wit youngsters. Aubrey would have never allowed me to put her on that rhino. I tried to let her ride a meachanical horse at the store (only a penny) and she was not having it!!!

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