I Get So Emotional Baby

If you’re reading this blog, then you probably know me… if you don’t know me, it’s kind of weird that you’re reading this.  (I hope you’re not a stalker.)  Anyway, I (and probably you) would describe me as the non-emotional type.  As my uncle says, “I don’t usually emote.”  I mean, I cry at really sad things like funerals or even momentous things like both of my sisters’ weddings, but I’m not the type to cry at a movie or a TV show or something like that.  (Geric, yes.  Me, no.)  But, geez louise, this pregnancy has made me such a cryer!!!  Here’s some of things I’ve cried about in the last week:

  • Geric being gone at winter camp… I missed him
  • Oprah
  • The Baby Story
  • That Caden and I couldn’t go to my sister’s birthday party
  • A song on the radio
  • The thought of Caden growing up and moving away

I mean, that’s just this last week!  It’s like, I know in my head that it’s really silly that I’m crying but I just can’t help it!  It’s almost as if the person I used to be is slowly shrinking away and this new person is emerging.  And it’s really kind of sad because I really liked that old girl.  She was so funny and sarcastic… not at all weepy.  But, there’s hope.  I’ve been through this before, and I know she’ll be back.  Not right away, but eventually, she’ll be back.  I look forward to that… I miss her.

 Also, thanks everyone for your kind words about my last post.  You’re right, I do look amazing, don’t I?  J/K  (Hey, there she is!!!) 


5 responses

  1. I cry all the time since I’ve been a mom. If you read my most recent post about the babyshower in a box, you can picture me crying while I was typing it. I’m not kidding.

    I also get weepy thinking about my girls growing up and not needing or wanting me around. I think about the way I view my own mom and my response to her visits, and truly hope my girls never feel that way about me. I also didn’t and won’t allow my mom in the delivery room while the babies are being born. She was really hurt by that, but I also pray that my daughters will also have amazing husbands and that will be enough. If they want me there, fine, but I won’r demand it.

    All of this and one is 21 months and the other is 6 weeks shy of being norn. Oh brohter, I have a feeling it will only get worse in the coming years!

    Keep crying sister, it may be the only calories you burn today…

  2. Rachel’s calorie joke was funny, as well as Erin’s entire post about crying and potential stalkers. I just know, it’s good to share your emotions because you’re not alone.

  3. Er, that is so funny that your post is about crying… as you know I, Too, and not a crier… I registered Haley for kinder… didn’t cry…However I watch Amazing Race and cry at the couple who got out (not because I liked them and was sad to see them go) but because they found a renewed love… As I was crying, I was telling my self what a loser I am… You are not alone girl!!!

  4. Stef, I cry at the end of most episodes of Scrubs and at the end of most episodes of the Amazing Race, even if I didn’t care for the people leaving the show. But team Kentucky left me tearless. That wife was horrible and I couldn’t have been happier. Now when Rob and Amber left last night I was dissapointed, just because it is fun to watch the other teams freak out about them.

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