We’re Melting!!!

Good gravy, has it been hot or what!?!?  On Sunday, Caden and I were in the backyard playing and I decided to turn on the hose and let him play in it because it was so DARN HOT!  I actually had to smather him up in sunscreen.  Anyway, as he was sitting there playing I started thinking about getting him a kiddie pool for the summertime.  What do you guys think?  I mean, I know that REALLY big bowl he’s playing in looks like fun… and I really don’t want to be one of those parents that gets their kids everything they want, because then I’ll just end up with a spoiled child.  Maybe we should just stick with the salad bowl… it is SO big, and doesn’t it look like a good time?  Or at least wait until he outgrows the big bowl, then maybe upgrade to the kiddie pool?  What a dilemmaa!! 

img_1128.JPG img_1130.JPG


5 responses

  1. I got a small blow up pool for $5 from the grocery store last summer. It was totally worth it. Target has a good variety too in different sizes.

  2. Sometimes we feel like we are THAT poor. Especially when all the kids on the street speed around in their electronic cars and have $1500 swingsets in the backyard! What does Aubrey play with in the backyard? Pea gravel, rocks, and an $0.88 bach ball from Walmart! I did get her a shovel, hoe, and rake set for $2.50 the other day, but she’d rather collect rocks!

  3. Hey, Erin this Beckie (Henopp) Cochran, don’t know if you remember me or not. Anyhow, a friend of mine watched Big Lots and Kmart and got a large pool (3ft or 4 ft deep) for $50 with the pump and and ladder and everything just something to consider. 🙂


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