Field Trip #2

On Tuesday we took the kids to the Santa Ana Zoo.  This time it was just Nicci and I and our 3 kids.  It’s a great little zoo for little ones.  There is a farm section and Caden knew all the sounds the animals make!  (Geric and I say that he speaks animal really well, now we just need to start working on English.)  There is also a little train that goes around part of the zoo and it normally costs $3 (which I would NEVER pay for this “not too exciting” adventure) but it just so happened to be free train day!  (It’s the 2nd Tuesday of every month, just in case you want to make trip there.)  Then we walked around and saw all the rest of the zoo animals, which were mostly monkeys and birds.  Geneva really thought the animals were neat, but Caden and Ezra were more into each other than the animals.  They were cracking us up!  We put them in the wagon together and Caden was growling at Ezra and then Ezra would laugh so loud than Caden would start laughing.  It was really cute!  So, here’s some of pictures of the kids having a good time!

img_1150.JPG img_1154.JPG

img_1155.JPG img_1160.JPG

Next week we’re planning on taking the kids to the Kidspace Museum in Pasadena or to the beach if the weather stays as nice as it has been.  If there’s any mommies out there that would like to join us, let me know!  The more the merrier!


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  1. How cute those little ones are! Bummer that I won’t be able to join your field trips. 😦 You should also check out the arboretum in Santa Anita. Lots of walking, but so many cool gardens – the bamboo jungle is my favorite.

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