We took the plunge!

We bought a pool!!!  I love it!  I found it at Target for only $25 and it’s a really big pool!  Caden loves it, too.  It’s been really nice hanging out in the backyard and taking in some sun while Caden goes swimming!  Here’s a picture of my cute boy playing in his pool and one of him dressed in his Superman jammies (cape and all.)  Gotta love that cute kid!!!



3 responses

  1. That is a huge pool. Dumb question… Do you leave it filled with water and net out bugs? Or do you empty it each day? Mine is tiny and I empty it, but the water never seems to get warm enough for extended play. I am considering a slip and slide this year… or maybe just a sprinkler…

  2. I was going to leave it filled with water until Geric emptied it because he thought it would kill his grass. He actually wants to move it to the cement and then we’ll keep it filled. The water is really cold, but Caden doesn’t seem to mind at all. I take him out when he starts turning purple!

  3. I was thinking “that’s going to kill the grass, Mike wouldn’t like that.” He he, men are funny. We have a pea gravel area in our backyard that Aubrey plays in, so I will put her pool there and probably try to put a tarp over it or something. I’m kinda freaked out by standing water and mosquitos, so I will empty it at least once a week I think. Then again, I may be so overwhelmed by having an infant that I forget all about my fears and just let Aubrey and the mosquitos fight over the pool.

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