A Slight Scare

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my 34 week appointment.  We go every 2 weeks now and between me and Caden being sick and needing his 18 month check up I feel like we should just set up a tent at Kaiser!  Anyway, everything seemed normal until my doctor listened for Jacob’s heartbeat.  She’s usually the type of person that talks and talks and you wonder if she’s really checking you because she can’t possibly be thorough with all the stories she’s telling, but I learned that she really is.  She got really quiet, which was strange and listened for a really long time, which was also really strange.  Then she told me that she was sending me to get a “non-stress test” because the baby’s heartbeat seemed low and since I’m already having contractions she wanted to make sure everything was okay.  So, we headed down to the 3rd floor and I was strangely calm.  I just had a gut feeling that she was being overly cautious… I mean, she’s my mom’s friend!  But, then on the way down, reality really hit!  WE’RE HAVING ANOTHER BABY, PEOPLE!  I realized that I don’t have anything ready!  I mean, I have everything, it’s just not set up, and frankly, I’m just not ready.  Anyway, the test turned out to be fine.  Jacob’s doing great and should stay put for another 6 weeks. 

As soon as we got home, I cleaned out Caden’s closet and changing table to make room for Jacob.  Then I went through all of Cadens 0-3 months clothes and put them all away.  Today we made sure my mother-in-law can come at the drop of a hat to watch Caden and we made our list of people to call when the baby’s born.  So, I feel a little more ready now.  But that was really scary!   

On a side note, does anyone out there have any good recipes for casseroles and other dinners that are yummy and can be frozen?  I want to try out some and then stock pile my freezer before Jacob gets here.  You can email me if you have any suggestions: ennelson78@yahoo.com  Thanks!


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  1. I had a non-stress test the day my water broke with Aubrey. I wonder if I can go get one RIGHT NOW! That is scary, especially at 34 weeks. I’ll pray that he stays put for at least another three if not the whole six.

    I considered doing a supper solutions class to pack my freezer. They are around $100, and you go for an hour and come home with six gourmet meals for your freezer. Unfortunately it ended up being outside of our budget, but I’ll be more than happy to eat whatever our church brings by…. Last time I froze the leftover casseroles that people brought by so I was able to get two meals out of everything and not have to eat it for lunch for days.

  2. Quit lifting that darn carseat!! I knew it, it’s all Zacks fault. 😦 I’m glad to hear everything went well. Keep my work number on hand in case your little Jacob decides he wants to come when I’m working. About the food–You’ll be reminded ever so quickly that with a new baby, eating is overrated. Sleeping though? A necessity, but rare. 🙂 Zack and I’ll will bring you guys food for a meal. Let me know what you want–but early on so I can take it out of your paycheck. 🙂 J/k. It’ll be on me! How does McDonald’s sound? I’ll buy you double, then you can freeze it and enjoy it twice.

  3. Sounds like your are now officially in ‘nesting’ mode!! Maybe he’ll be here sooner than 6 weeks?! Lets just hope that he doesn’t come for another 3 weeks at least! Both of my boys were early. Gavin came at the 37 week mark. It’s good you are now prepared…or at least as prepared as anyone can ever be to welcome a new baby!

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