A Pregnancy Update

img_1245.jpgI was brave enough to take another picture of myself, and it actually only took one try this time to find one that I would post on here.  🙂  Maybe I’m just getting used to my “new look.”  Haha!  Anyway, I only have about 5 weeks left!  I’m not sure if I should savor these last 5 weeks of sleep or if I should wish they were over so all the pregnancy side effects will be over with, too.  

I had a shower last Saturday, hosted by the ladies at my church, and they were so incredibly generous.  We have PLENTY of clothes now and we even got our double stroller!  I was so excited.  I keep thinking that we’re ready and then I’ll think of something else I have to do.  Meanwhile, it seems like the house is always a disaster… thanks to my 18 month old monster!   


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