No Sleep For Me!

200px-skunk.jpgAs if sleep isn’t hard enough to come by when you are 36 weeks pregnant…  It is really, really hot tonight (by the way its 3:45 am so maybe I should say this morning). Anyway, I opened all the windows in our house to cool things down and tried to go to sleep at around 10:30.  Well, I woke up about an hour ago to go to the bathroom (now a nightly ritual) and noticed that our entire house reeks of skunk!!!  It’s so disgusting!  I don’t know if it’s my super-pregnancy senses that really intensifies the smell, or if a skunk literally let loose right outside of our bedroom window.  Anyway, now there’s no way I can fall asleep.  So, instead I’m checking up on everyone’s blogs (looks good everybody) and catching up on emails. 

 On a side note… good news!  Went to the doctor on Friday and I’m dilated to 2 cm already!  Only 8 more to go.  And the fist 2 haven’t hurt a bit!  🙂 


2 responses

  1. 2 cms! Way to go. My doc didn’t even star internal stuff until 38 weeks. I was three by my due date which was great since that took me 6 hours of labor the first time around. I hope your labor goes smoothly this time around too. Sorry about the smelly house. That’s no fun at all!

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