Identity Crisis???


I’m not sure how this started, but Caden has developed a thick German accent, and I’m really not kidding.  He doesn’t talk much, but one of his favorite words is “yeah.”  He answers “yeah” to pretty much any question. 

“Caden, do you want some juice?”  “Yeah!”

“Caden, are you ready for a bath?”  “Yeah!”

“Caden, do you want to play outside?”  “Yeah!”

… and our favorite, “Caden, do want to eat a bowl of boogers?”  “Yeah!”

But yesterday and today his enthusiastic “yeah” has now turned into a “ya, ya” as if he grew up in Germany or the Swiss Alps or something.  It’s totally bizarre!  I keep asking him if he wants some Weinerschnizel in my best German accent.  “Ya, ya.”


2 responses

  1. That is too funny. I’m assuming because you were able to post this today, you are still not dialated past 2. I’d hate to think of you in labor and blogging. Talk about committment! LOL

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