The Gestation Period of an Elephant

pregnant-elephant.jpgI should really be thankful.  Did you the gestation period for an elephant is two years!?!?  That’s no fun.  I’ve only been pregnant for 39 weeks and 4 days and here I am complaining that I’m still only dialated to a 2.  It could be so much worse.  God could have made me an elephant and then I’d still have 64 weeks and 3 days left!  That would really suck… not to mention the thought of pushing out a baby elephant.  I only have to push out a small human.  What am I complaining about?

The doctor told me yesterday that I should start walking more and drinking a lot of water.  So my plans for the day are to go on multiple walks, possibly look into horseback riding :), and do some high kicks… just like my good friend Rachel.  Haha! 

6 responses

  1. I had a simalar situation with Gavin. I had been contracting and my doc told me that I was 1 1/2-2 cent dilated at 36 weeks. I figured I’d have him ealy just like Kelan and I really wanted to make sure he came before my mom went out of state for business. So 2 days before my mom had to leave (I was 37 weeks by then) I went to a massage therapist for an ‘induction massage’…basically there are pressure points that can help contractions get stronger. The next morning I went into labor and had Gavin that evening and my mom got to be there! The massage may have done something, but my own personal opinion is that my contractions were stimulated more by sex the next morning than anything else 🙂 I mean right after…WHAMO!! Give it a try 🙂

  2. Wow Alyssa… that was a lot of info.! But you should try it Erin, Geric will be pleased, plus you know how it is AFTER the baby gets here!

  3. Sex at this stage is more like a science experiement than anything else. If I get desperate enough… maybe. But so far, I’m not quite that desperate. 🙂

  4. If the high kicks don’t work you can schedule an elective induction. That sure did the trick for me. I hear you on the science experiment! I even offered the night before my induction and was turned down flat! Now here we are five weeks later and I bet Mike wishes he would have taken me up on my fatty wife sex offer:)

    I hope your little boy comes soon!

  5. Okay this has nothing to do with yoru blog…BUT…I noticed I am on your lil friends list and one, yes just one single tear fled from my eye! I am just so honored….ha haaaa thanks Erin! Oh and good luck with that whole pushing a baby out of your “area” thing…LOVE YA!

  6. OMG Erin your post made me laugh out loud. I’m only 21 weeks and I’m ready to deliver! I can’t imagine when I get there. Praise Jesus we’re not elephants!

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