The Day Has Arrived…

But the baby has not!!!  Today is my due date.  I thought for sure last night that we were going to have a baby today.  I started having contractions at 5:00pm that were about 15 minutes apart.  We went out to dinner and they got to be about 10 minutes apart.  So we came home and went for a walk and they were still around, so I took a shower and called Geric’s mom and by the time we left to go to the hospital it was 11:00pm and they were 5 minutes apart, not to mention they had some strength behind them.  Well, once we got to the hospital, they strapped me down with all the monitors and my contractions pretty much stopped.  I had one and a half (it was really small) in 15 minutes and the bigger one only lasted 30 seconds.  The doctor checked me and I was at a 3, and since I was at a 3 yesterday morning at my appointment, she told me I should go home.  Talk about feeling stupid!!!  Oh well.  Today has been extremely uneventful as far as having a baby is concerned.  Kaisar won’t even discuss induction until you’re a week overdue, so it’s all just a waiting game now.  Fun, fun.

While I’m waiting I’m taking advantage of the quality time I still have with Caden before his reign as king of the house comes to an end.  He’s been quite the little snuggle bug lately… almost as if he knows he better get in as much “mommy time” now as he can because someone is coming who is going to completely turn his world upside down!  It’s so weird to me that I’m going to love Jacob as much as I love Caden.  It really seems impossible right now.   Anyway, here’s some pictures of my little man… really a little man, he doesn’t look like a baby anymore!  🙂




2 responses

  1. What a bummer! Sad they won’t induce you until you’re a week overdue cause he could get so much bigger in a week. Who knows, maybe after you posted this you went into real labor – let’s hope. Good luck, Erin!

  2. I’ll be praying that your contractions start this process. The good news is that you already sailed through the longest stage of labor. I don’t know what it was like with Caden, but with Aubrey, getting to three was the hardest part. Hopefully your labor will be soon, quick, and uneventful!

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