Three Lucky Things

#1… I have been desperately needing a new pair of sunglasses for quite awhile now.  Mine are totally out of style (which isn’t really the important part) and they have a bazillion scratches on the lenses.  I got them when Geric and I went on our honeymoon, so they are 3 1/2 years old and had probably been dropped on the ground about a bazillion times… thus the bazillion scratches.  🙂  Anyway, my sister got me a gift card to Sunglasses Hut for mother’s day but the glasses I wanted were too expensive, but awfully cute!  BUT (here’s the lucky part) there was a man in the store that had a $20 gift card but couldn’t find anything he liked, so he gave it to me!!!  So, I ended up paying only 50% of the real price!  LUCKY DAY!

#2… I decided to clean out my closet from some of the maternity clothes in there.  Nicci and I share, so we have a ridiculous amount of clothes and some of it I never even wore while I was pregnant, so I thought I should pack ’em up, move ’em out!  At the same time I started to take out some of my regular clothes which at first seemed like a really bad move.  BUT THEN, I put on a couple pairs of my old jeans and wouldn’t you know it, they almost fit!  They don’t really button, but I am not ashamed to wear a rubber band through the button hole and around the button to keep then up!  LUCKY DAY!

#3… I got a postcard in the mail to see the sneak preview of the Finding Nemo submarines at Disneyland so I entered this contest online.  I forgot about it until I got an email the other day saying that I had won!  I thought everyone won until I talked to Nicci and my sister and they hadn’t!  So, today we took Jacob for his first trip to Disneyland ( I know shame on me!)  He slept through the whole ride, but Caden really liked it… except for the one scary part.  LUCKY DAY!

Here’s a picture of my boys and me in front of the castle.  You can barely see the top of Jacob’s head in the baby carrier, and Caden was too busy eating goldfish to smile.  (Note the cute sunglasses and the non-maternity jeans!)

2 responses

  1. Don’t you love it when things like that happen. It’s wonderful to be surprised with things going well every now & then. I’m sure you know plenty of women that could benefit from those prego clothes, but if by chance you’re looking for a place to unload them….(I have no shame)….keep me in mind 🙂

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