Being Sick Sucks!

We’ve all been sick… including the computer!  He had it the worst, really.  After we took it to a friend of Geric’s we found out the poor thing had over 150 viruses!  Yowza!  Needless to say we lost everything that we had saved on it, but at least it’s back up and running now. 

 Geric and I have had this nasty cold that neither one of us seem to be able to kick.  (Could is be that our bodies just need more than 3 hours rest in a row in order to recooperate?  Maybe?) 

Caden has just started with the green boogers today and seems to have some sort of an inflamed gum issue.  (I know weird… we do brush his teeth every night!)  Jacob has been the only one to avoid any sort of illnesses.  Although today and yesterday he has had a major case of the baby acne.  Just in time for his one month pictures.  How cute… but not really.  😦  Oh well. 

I don’t have any pictures to post because we can’t download pictures yet, but hopefully soon! (I know you’re just dying to see the baby acne and green boogers, right?)


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