What We’ve Been Up To…

I know it’s been a long two weeks since you’ve heard from me and you’re probably dying to know what we’ve been up to.  So here it is. 

Playing with our Baby Einstein floor gym:


A little bit of crying:


Taking silly pictures:

may-27-june-24-076.jpg may-27-june-24-098.jpg

LONG car rides to Papa Gary’s house (by long I mean 2 1/2 hours in traffic!!!):

may-27-june-24-106.jpg may-27-june-24-107.jpg

Swimming and eating popsicles with our buddies:


And a little bit of sleeping:



3 responses

  1. I love the first silly picture. Too cute! I hope you start getting consistent sleep at night soon. It makes such a difference.

  2. Fun pictures! It’s so weird to see these little beings after all the months of anticipation. I just can’t wait until I’m out of this preggo stage and into the mom stage so I can post pictures of the baby – hold the green boogers and baby acne though. I’d like a gerber baby please – no problems, peaceful, and always smiling. HA HA HA

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