My Big Boys!

Both Jacob and Caden seem to be growing and doing new things everyday.  Jacob is starting to smile (sort of) and he usually sleeps 5 hours in a row when I first put him down (hip, hip, hooray!).  He’s also just getting bigger and chubbier… and so incredibly cute! 


 Caden is growing in other ways.  He actually communicated using English yesterday morning.  I had the Today Show on the TV and he was eating breakfast.  From the kitchen I heard him say, “Wow!”  I said, “What is it, Caden?”  He said, “Car!”  I said, “Did you see a car?”  “Go!” he said back.  (I was so excited!)  I said, “Did you see a car go?”  “Boom!”  I turned around and he was watching the news story about the terrorists attacks in London… I know, not the best children’s TV, but still…. I turned back to him and he goes, “Oh, no!”  Yay for the English language!!! 

 We’re also working on using a fork.  Here’s some pictures of his progress:


So far, so good…


Well, we’re half way there!  🙂  Now we just need to focus on getting the fork into the mouth!


2 responses

  1. Jacob is doing much better with English than Aubrey. She speaks some language that I don’t understand. People ask me what she is saying as if I am a certified interpreter. I have no idea 80 percent of the time, but it is still good to hear all those syllables coming out of her nouth.

    Watermelon is a good fork food too. Good luck, it is so nice to have clean hands at the end of a meal!!!

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