My Luck Has Just Ran Out!!!

Remember how I wrote about those three lucky things that happened to me a few weeks ago?  Well, now my luck is all gone… and so are my cute sunglasses!!! 

It all started Friday afternoon when I really wanted BBQ chicken for dinner.  I knew we were out of propane for the BBQ so I thought we could run down to Lowe’s when Geric came home and get some.  So, that’s what we did, after much pushing on my part.  Geric was tired after work and looking back I should have just listened to him!  Anyway, we went in, got the propane tank, came back out (seriously 10 minutes!) to see my front passenger window busted in and my diaper bag gone!  At first I thought, “What a stupid criminal!  I hope he enjoys his diapers!!”  But then I realized that my new $150 sunglasses and my digital camera were in that bag!  Boo!  That sucks!  Our homeowners insurance would cover it, but our deductible is $500, about how much we lost!  Boo again!  Oh well.  So, until we get a new camera I guess I’ll post old pictures or you’re going to have to use your imagination! 

Here’s a picture in honor of my sunglasses:


Don’t I look happy!!!


3 responses

  1. That really sucks!!! I am soooo sorry Erin and I totally understand about loosing your favorite sunglasses, I’ve been there. I hope you didn’t loose too many pictures as those are the irreplaceable things. :/ Been there too. Maybe this weekend will be better. 🙂 Have a fantastic day!!

  2. I leave my diaper bag in the car ALL the time! I am so sorry. What was this thief hoping to find in a diaper bag anyway? And to do this in a busy parking lot? Craziness!

  3. OH MAN THAT TOTALLY SUCKS! I’ve lost a digital camera before . . . it’s like losing oxygen! Plus you probably had some cute pics on there of the little guys. How sad. Sorry to hear that Erin. Note to self: Do not leave diaper bag visible in the car.

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