Room Sharing Tips

Last night Jacob slept from 8:30pm until 4:15am without waking up!  (I know, I just jinxed it… tonight he’ll probably wake up every two hours, huh?)  Anyway, it got me thinking about when he moves into Caden’s room and how that’s all going to work.  Anybody got any tips?  I know most of you probably have a room for each of your kids, but we only have 2 bedrooms in our house, so the boys are going to have to share.  I’m not sure when the right time would be to move Jacob in with Caden.  I’m thinking when he consistently sleeps through the night for a couple of weeks, right?   What’s “through the night” anyway?  If I feed him at 11 or 12, and then he sleeps until 5ish?  But will I wake up Caden when I go in to feed Jacob?  And will Caden wake up when Jacob cries at 5am?  And then we’ll have two kids awake at the crack of dawn?  And do we get a big boy bed for Caden and give the crib to Jacob?  Or do we keep Caden in the crib and buy another crib for Jacob?  Or do we keep Jacob in the pack ‘n’ play and hope Caden is ready for a bed before Jacob outgrows the pack ‘n’ play?  WHAT TO DO?!?!  Any ideas?


2 responses

  1. K I can barely brainstorm how to handle ONE. I’ll be turning to you the old pro once I introduce a second one into the mix and you can fill me in on the bedroom sharing. Our place only has 2 bedrooms too.

  2. ok …Maddie and Josh share a room and It hasn’t been as hard as I thought. We moved Josh in when he was sleeping until about 6 am and when he does cry he usually doesn’t wake up Maddie…of course that girl can SLEEP!! You’ll probably be able to go in and out without waking Caden up. The few nights we have had problems with teething and things we let Maddie sleep in our room. I would put Caden in his own bed so if he’s bothered he will learn to get up and come in your room 🙂 Anyway I’ll bet they will work it out themselves – sometimes I can hear Maddie telling Josh to “shush” if he’s babbling and she’s trying to sleep and in the morning I can hear them giggling at each other as they are waking up. I love it!!

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