Good news, good news, and more good news!

I just realized that I’m probably coming off as a little bipolar after my last post, but you know,we have our bad days and we have our good days.  Yesterday just happened to be a great day! 

We had Jacon’s 2 month appointment on Wednesday morning.  He weighed in at a whopping 11 pounds 6 ounces (a whole pound smaller than his brother!) I told the doctor about how grumpy he’s been and questioned him about reflux.  He was really hesitant to give me anything but I quickly convinced him… I told him that if things didn’t change I would stop giving it to him.  So he prescribed Zantac, which I practically lived off of when I was pregnant with Caden… heartburn city!  Anyway, we started giving it to him twice a day and he’s a whole new baby.  Sure, he cries occassionally, but NOTHING like before!  Thank the Lord for drugs!  🙂

So, I wanted to take Jacob’s pictures yesterday too, but I had no one to go with me.  Was I really going to attempt going to JCPenny alone with a toddler and a baby???  That’s way out of my comfort zone, but I did it anyway.  Even though they took forever to get us in and then even longer once our pictures were done, Caden held it together and so did I.  There was no yelling and no mental breakdowns… I wasn’t even sweaty!  There was only minimal crying on Caden and Jacob’s part, but we walked out with a ton of portraits for a little over $8 and even stopped at Hot Dog on a Stick on our way out!  Yay me!

Finally, just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better, Jacob went and slept all night long!!!  I put him down at 8:00 pm and he didn’t wake up until 5:00am!!!  Wowie!  I feel rested and ready to conquer the day!  Maybe that’s why I’ve been having a hard time, I was just tired!  Haha!   

Since my camera got stolen, here’s some random pictures of my Sis and my boys at the beach.  If you mom’s out there need a good beach to take your toddlers to, try Mother’s Beach in Long Beach.  See the waves behind Caden?  That’s right, there are no waves!!  Caden had such a good time.  There’s a playground too!

beach-baby-and-auntie-b.jpg  caden-at-the-beach.jpg

5 responses

  1. I’m glad to hear you had such a great day!! You are right about the sleep thing…I turn into this sad, cranky, depressed thing if I don’t have enough sleep. For me, lack of sleep is the HARDEST part of having a baby! I LOVE SLEEP 🙂 I’m not afraid to admit it! Luckily, Gavin has been an absolute angel in the sleep department since the day he was born…I guess God decided to give us a break after all the missed sleep with Kelan! Thanks for tagging me by the way…I’ll do the meme thing soon and you won’t have to only read about Mother’s Day…I PROMISE!!! I didn’t think anyone cared to look at my blog anyway 🙂 Take Care!

  2. yay for Zantac! Ainsley is good tempered, but spits up SO much. I haven’t been using it consistently, but you have given me the motivation. I will also be at Penny’s come Tuesday, but I am bringing daddy along. I am glad to hear your bi polar status has shifted to manic!

  3. I have never heard of reflux… interesting… Good call!!! I, personally have been living on Tagament… I cant wait for the heart burn to end… I have some gross stories about it, but I dont think your blog is the place to write about it :)….
    I, too, am horrible with lack of sleep… it is sooooo what I am not looking forward too with having another baby!!!

  4. Did you want me to post your letter on here? I thought everyone should know about how great you are! (Just let me know)
    I can’t talk baby talk like everyone else but my dog gets sick if I give him too much cheese, pizza, or anything too craze and he will dry-heave all day until I give him pepto. oh yeah, or he will eat grass the whole time we are on walks and that is not fun! Miss ya

  5. You are the bestest Erin! I love that you read my blog, it brings a sweet lil tear to my eyes…ahhh the love!
    Love, Jaybee (aka. Jamie)

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