A New Camera!

So, we finally went to Costco and bought a new digital camera.  I thought we were buying one of the chepaest ones there and then we got home and I realized that this one is actually nicer than our old one!  (We showed those theives, didn’t we?)  Anyway, here’s a picture of Jacob.  He’s smiling all the time now, which is so cute!   


Here’s Caden… Daddy decided to give him a cool new hair do!dsc00024.jpg dsc00022.jpg



4 responses

  1. I have the cutest nephews in the world! I miss u and am happy you got a new camera! Have a fun weekend… I’ll be wiping nuts and butts 🙂 Hey that’s what you do… too bad you can’t get paid for being a mom- you should! 🙂 Glad to hear you are all rested now… see that’s probably how Brit felt- so don’t go shavin’ your head 🙂 Love ya, B

  2. Okay Jacob is soooooooooo cute! He made my ovaries leap:)
    Oh how cute lil mini J.B.’s would be (i think I like Jaybee better then J.B.) J.B. seems more masculine, hmmmmm. Anyways very cute lil guys you have there, way to go you and Geric, haa haa!

  3. Isn’t it weird how violated you feel when someone steals from you. Did you know my purse got stolen at Flipside when it was at A.H.S. and I got robbed in Claremont….2 of the places that you would never think…
    I can’t wait to say little Jacob and Caden. Jess is going to bring the Lasagna. MMMMMM How many points will that be?
    Your letter is in the mail. If the first paragraph sounds way toooo but kiss then let Jess know. He practically rewrote the whole thing. I told you it was just paragraph one, WRONG!

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