He’s Back!

Geric is back from Mississippi… finally!  He had a really good trip.  They helped a lady get her house back into a livable condition.  He said that it still needed a lot of work, but at least it’s livable again.  The kids had a great time and there were no major catastrophes. So thanks for your prayers.

I survived too!  Yay me!  My mom and my sisters were a huge help!  They totally stepped up. 

Now for some cute pictures of my kids… because what would a blog be without cute pictures of kids?


Here’s Caden enjoying a bowl of frosting at Felipe’s.  (Side note: Did you know Felipe actually sold Felipe’s and it’s not going to be the same anymore.  Boo!) 



Look who’s a pro at holding up his head!



His future’s so bright he HAS to wear shades!



Who doesn’t love a laughing baby?




3 responses

  1. The picture of the frosting… AWESOME
    The picture of Jacob holding up his head… what a cute picture!!!
    Glad to hear all went well with him gone… i dont know how you did that! Arent mom’s and sisters awesome? (i assume sisters are awesome… i dont have one)

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