Calling all Breastfeeders!

So, I have about 20 different nursing bras (maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but I have a lot) and I hate them all.  They either don’t support my humongous new additions or they open weird or they are scratchy and uncomfortable.  So, does anyone have any suggestions for a good nursing bra?  I’ve been looking online and there’s tons of them but they are so expensive that I would hate to buy one and hate it again.  So, since a lot of my blogging buddies are or were nursing mommies, maybe you have suggestion?   


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  1. I’ve decided my boonbs just get to look bad for a year, and then the rest of my life! I wear the cheap $12 ones from Motherhood that don’t have an underwire and have a plastic clasp. They still offer good support, but your boobs look squished instead of perky. I’m not even sure perky is an option anymore anyway. Here’s the link to my favorite one

  2. Nursing Bras never worked for me cuz I was never big enough to go up and over a barrier 🙂 I always get cheap underwire bras from target ($10) that have removable straps then I cut out the underwire so it’s really flexable (but it stays in place cuz it has that “gummy” layer inside) and when I need access I just undo the strap and fold the cup down and viola!
    ps – we ordered a 4 foot burrito the other day so we asked and they said Felipe sold Felipes a year and a half ago so hopefully they’ve already made any changes they are gonna make.
    Tortilla Soup Forever!

  3. It would be my advice to go to a specialty shop and get fit for a bra. The brand I like the best is Anita. I am a bra fitter and breastfeeding counselor and I think they have the best support, wide variety of styles and many different sizes. They are pricey, but worth it if they fit. Be good to your breasts, they are doing the most important job they will ever do. With bras you get what you pay for, you wouldn’t run a marathon wearing $5 sneakers.

  4. I only found one type that I really loved, and they weren’t bras really. They were the nursing tanks from target with a nursing shelf bra. Have you seen them? I basically lived in them, especially at night because they were comfy to sleep in. I would just have the layered look a lot 🙂 Otherwise, I just wore stretchy, but comfortable bras that weren’t nursing bras and plopped my breast out when I needed to nurse. It actually was easier than dealing with snaps anyway…just my preference. I say try a few things until you find what works for you.

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