My Old Man

Remember in elementary school when you had to write in a journal and your teacher would give you topics to write about?  I remember one of the topics was to write about what we thought life would be like when we turned  30.  30?!?!  That seemed like sooooo far away.  That was REALLY old… well at least to a 2nd grader it was!  And now I’m married to a 30 year OLD man!  Haha! 

Geric turned 30 last Wednesday, so to celebrate we invited all his closest friends and family to the beach for a party.  We had such a good time!  The weather could have been better (it was a little chilly and kind of windy) but if you came prepared with warm clothes then it wasn’t a big deal at all.  We just hung out, ran around with Caden, BBQed hamburgers and hot dogs, and ate cake and s’mores.

At the end of the night (my mom and dad took Caden home to spend the night at their house) a few of us stayed and Geric took out his guitar and we sang worship songs around the campfire.  It was pretty cool. 

When our good friend Robin asked Geric if this is what he had hoped for when he had thought of being 30, he said it was.  So, that’s good to hear.  I’m glad he felt loved!  Here’s some pictures of our fun day!


Caden loved running around… and it’s really fun running around after him!  Haha!


Fruit salad… yummy, yummy!


My bro-in-law…. the BBQ master


Three amigos


Two peas in a pod


Some Nelsons (and a DeVincenzo sleeping under the blanket!)

7 responses

  1. What an old man 🙂 yeah, I know I am turning 30 in April…
    I like the new blog style too… It is easier to read 🙂 (I have bad eyes 🙂

  2. You are so funny, I THINK you know who I am? Of course I know who you are. I have actually been thinking that we should hang out some time and I also wanted to tell you about THE BEST preschool in Riverside so you guys could get on the waiting list. You live downtown right?

  3. Hi-
    I have been trying to find info on the DeVincenzo name/our family…we never knew or heard of that side since the familia cut my grandfather out in the teen’s or 20’s they were from Bari on the Adriatic side…just sending out to various names I have found on the web…1st generation took up shop in Chicago after traveling over…Thanks, Anthony DeVincenzo

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