Our Trip to Northern California

Labor day weekend we packed up our bags and flew (that’s right, on an airplane with two children under two!) to Northern California.  The plane ride went smoothly actually… it’s navigating two kids and all our stuff through the airports that was the hard part.  But we managed. 

We rented a really fancy car, a Chrysler 300.  They were all out of the sedan we had reserved so we got the fancy car instead.  At first they offered us a Mustang and Geric looked at me like a kid in a candy store until I brought him back to reality and told him we needed to fit two carseats in the back seat! 

We stayed with my sister and brother in law, which was great.  They didn’t seem to mind at all that we were slightly noisy and a little bit messy.  Caden had a hard time sleeping though.  The first night Geric had to drive him around in the car until 3am and he still didn’t fall asleep until 4am.  The second night he fell asleep on the way home from my Grandma’s house, but then he fell out of the bed and ended up staying up with us until 10pm.  The last night he got all settled into bed and we were out in the living room watching TV when my super-mom hearing kicked in.  I walked into the hall and there he was, holding his blanket.  He started laughing and turned around to run back into the room but ran smack into the wall instead.  Poor kid! 

We had a good time visting my grandparents and hanging out with my sis.  So, all in all it was a great weekend.  Here’s some pictures for you!


Ever wonder why we have to wear seatbelts on airplanes?  I have.  Are they really going to help me when I’m plummeting to the earth from 30,000 feet?  Probably not.  Frankly, if I’m going to die like that I would prefer to smack my head on the roof of the cabin and black out before the real tragedy strikes.  But Caden buckled up anyway.


Here’s my Grandma with Jacob and Auntie Kristin with Jacob.  Since my mom is “Grandma” to my kids, we decided to call my grandma “Granny Goose.”  She thought of it.  Nice, eh?


Caden did a little swimming and a little ice cream eating.  For some reason is was a little surreal to watch  him swim in this pool that I swam in when I was so little.  It kind of hit me that I’m all grown up with kids of my own, you know?


Before we left we ate breakfast in Jack London Square.  Caden liked the boats and he can actually say boat now.  He’s talking more and more everyday.  He said Rob, too.  And he says door (thank you, Monster’s Inc.) and all his facial features.  Now when he wants to watch Monster’s Inc. he just says “eye.”  (Mike Wazowsky is a big eyeball monster.)

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