Language Lessons

So, Caden is talking more and more everyday and the one thing that I simply cannot wait to hear come out of his mouth is, “I love you, Mommy.”  (I think it will really make this whole mothering thing worth it, you know?  :))  Anyway, I like to practice with him and say things like, “Do you love your mommy?”  And he always says, “Yah.”  So, we’re getting close… I can feel it. 

 Well, last night after I got him out of the bath we had this conversation:


Me:  Caden, can you say, I love you mommy?

Caden: Yah.

Me:  Okay, say it.  Go!

Caden:  Go!

Me:  No…. say I…

Caden:  I…

Me:  love…

Caden: nose…

Me:  you!

Caden: mouth!

Silly Boy!!!


4 responses

  1. I can’t wait either . . . . for those three special words from Madilyn!
    It cracks me up that we can’t even probe them into saying it until they are ready! 🙂

  2. The best preschool is First United Methodist on Brockton. It has been around forever. They have very little staff turnover and some of the teachers have been there for 40 years! It is amazing, people even put babies on the waiting list! Owen is in the 2 day a week program from 9-12:00 and that is like $110 a month. If Caden will be 3 next fall you should try to sign him up, then he can go to school with Kendra. Sign up’s are in May I think. = )

  3. I nose mouth you too… I miss you guys! Give the kids a great big hug from me and work on Caden saying “Auntie B” – Emphasis on the first part :)… is Jacob’s head better? Love ya, B

  4. Aubrey still isn’t saying much (I guess there isn’t a need since her mommy and daddy are such talkers) anyway. My mom in law taught her to point at her self, give herself a big hug, and then point at you. I’ll take it. When I ask her if she loves me she comes up and gives me a big hug, kiss, or rubs my back. Same thing, she’ll say I (strange non related word) two. It’s amazing to think how dofferent they will all be a year from now.

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