Sleep is so overrated… right?

Ever since we took our little trip to Oakland a few weeks ago, Caden’s sleep schedule has been all out of sorts.  And Jacob, my lovely Jacob, is almost four months old and still waking up at least once (usually twice) in the middle of the night.  A typical night for me looks like this:

7:15ish Jacob goes to bed (usually easily)

8:15ish Caden goes to bed but usually cries for an hour until he goes to sleep

10:30 I go to bed but feed Jacob before I go to sleep

2:00 Jacob wakes up – I’m tired so I feed him

3:00 Caden wakes up… why?  I dont know… GO BACK TO SLEEP!!!

4:30ish Jacob wakes up – I’m tired so I feed him

5:30 Caden wakes up for the day!! I’m not kidding… it’s awful

So, I’m a wee bit tired.  I’ve read the Baby Whisperer and Babywise (they basically say the same thing.)  I’m trying really hard to do a three hour routine with Jacob but I’m stating to feel like a prisoner in my own home with someone always taking a nap.  Anyway, does anyone have any brilliant ideas?  Is it too early to let Jacob cry it out?  How long do you let a 4 month old baby cry?  I’m desperate!  Help me before I go crazy!


5 responses

  1. Go for it Erin! If you’re ready to let Jacob cry it out a little it could end up better for him and for you. Four months isn’t too young if the mommy is up for it. You can also teach Caden that when he wakes up early he gets to look at books or toys in his bed for a while. If nothing’s just a time. It always gets better, til #3 comes.Whoo, long comment.

  2. One word… BENADRYL!!!! Just kidding 🙂 That is the number one reason why I don’t have kids, how would I sleep in til 11am??? I would be a grumpy bitch if I was up all night. What about Geric??? Have him get up too… It’ll get better though 🙂

  3. Just an idea… try putting Caden down a half hour earlier for the night. He may be crying because he is overtired. And I also have books in Aubrey’s crib. I know she is awake because she’ll be roaring and I know she is reading in her room. Sometimes when I go into get her she tells me no because she wants to keep reading!

    As for Jacob, you can soothe him when he wakes in the middle of the night then lay him back down and walk away. he may cry for ten minutes, but will probably go back to sleep. It should only take a few days for him to realize that you aren’t going to feed him, then when he wakes up, he’ll just go back to sleep. That’s the theory anyway…

    I also give into the temptation to feed Ainsley if she wakes up at some weird time. This morning she woke up at 5:30am, instead of 7:00am. I did feed her and she was wide awake. I changed her diaper and layed her back down and left. When I got up at 6:45, she was sound asleep and never made a peep. I should probably go check on her since that was an hour ago!!!


  4. Hey Erin, I know it has been a long time. It has been too long since I have had a little one, but I know the struggle of finding sleep. I now have a teenager and I find myself back in the same place!! Jacob could begin teething soon, he may need something to soothe that. I think he is old enough to be left crying, and just like your friend Rachel said, 10 minutes is good, then check on him if he is contiuing. Usually by then they cry themselves to sleep. As for Caden, he may need to go to bed a little later, I had to do that with Aimee, she still requires less sleep than Adam does.

    Praying for you!

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