A Business Venture

My mom and dad have decided to start their own business.  They are using my mom’s sewing talents and my dad’s business savvy and they are starting a nursing apron business.  They’ve named the business “Comfy and Cozy.”  Cute, huh?  She’s also going to make embroidered burp cloths and little bags for diapers and wipes and a bunch of other things, but right now the focus is on nursing aprons.  They are really cool because they are made of really hip fabric (she always asks me if she should use it first!) and there’s a stiff section at the top that lets you peek in at the baby to make sure he’s latched on properly and all that good stuff.  So for all you breastfeeding mommies that are like me (on the go and love to breastfeed but don’t want to expose your boobies in public) now there’s a solution.  (I’m starting to sound a little like an infomercial, huh?)  Anyway, if you’re interested in one, let me know and I’ll give you my mom’s email address.  They don’t have a website yet.  Oh!  I almost forgot the best part.  Other nursing aprons sell for somewhere between $30 and $40, but they’re selling theirs for $19.95!  (Now I really sound like an infomercial!)  Here’s some pictures of me using mine.  What do you think?

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6 responses

  1. When they get the website up and running send me the link. I know lots of people that breastfed, and will be again, but hated the public aspect of it!

  2. Sweet!
    I really want some diaper holders like “diapees and wipees” but they are freekin $14. Try to get your mom to make a low cost version of those! (I’d buy a few)

    ps – just make a blog for your mom instead of a “real” website for now. I’d love to see fabric swatches!

  3. Wow! Fun! I had such a struggle with breastfeeding in public. The “nursing apron” I bought sucked and I never could keep a receiving blanket over my shoulder. Finally I was given a long skinny thermal blanket as a hand me down – it worked perfectly. What did I like about it the most? The fact that it cover my pudgy sides when my top was lifted for nursing.
    The nursing apron looks great! My only suggestion from the pics it so make it a little wider to cover around you better.

  4. Whoah, I totally saw this gal wearing one of these the other day at the lactation place. I felt like a dork because all us newbies had to have our boobs exposed while the nurses checked our technique or whatever, but this gal came in and plopped herself down with this blankety thing that looked just like that but it was pink. I think she was selling them. Anyway, that’s a good place to go get new customers.

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