Huckabee for President!

My sister sent me this cool link to help you decide who to vote for for President.  If you’re like me (totally stuck in Mommy-land) then you’re probably not to keen on the candidates and their platforms.  This is kind of a cool website that has you answer some questions and then tells you the candidate that you line up with best.  Apparently, I should vote for Mike Huckabee…. who?  I need to do a little more research.  Anyway, here’s the link:

5 responses

  1. I got edwards too…but I just heard about Huckabee on the radio the other day…he’s an up and comer in the republican ranks…but the dems are winning the next one anyways…bush has made sure of that…especially after vetoing the children’s health insurance bill yesterday…what a goofball…ok, I’ll stop now. 🙂

  2. I did this and found out that Fred Thompson thinks just like me. I think it is about time that we elect another actor to the highest office in the land. The last one turned out to be the most extraordinary president this country has seen! By the way, don’t fret about thinking democratic at your age … I voted for McGovern (vs. Nixon) and that is far more liberal than Kristin ever dreamt or will dream about being. But I snapped out of it and so will you!

  3. What a cool site… I was shocked by my response… both Clinton and Barak were my number two! But my first person was Mitt… weird because I dont care for the dude!

  4. I only got 1 point each for Clinton and Obama. I too have changed a lot since my first voting experience. I matched best with Tancredo, he’s pretty strict on illegal immigration and wouldn’t be a favorite for the election, but he makes some good points to think about. As far as Iraq. I don’t necessarily agree with why we are there or how it all came about, but it is in the our best interest as a Nation to stay put. 9-11 wasn’t a fluke. And there will be a lot worse coming our way if we don’t show that we are a force that you don’t want to mess with. Okay off my soapbox, I am sure no one but Erin is still seeing these comments anyway anymore.

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