I Blinked…

and now he’s 2!!!  I really can’t believe that Caden is actually two years old.  It’s crazy how times flies once you have kids.  And I know I’m a real sap, but I get a little emotional every birthday he has.  I told Geric that before we know it we’re going to be packing him up and moving him to college (and some days that seems simply delightful!) 

Anyway, Caden and I share a birthday, so he turned 2 and I turned 29… which is also very weird.  My last year in my twenties!  That’s crazy too.

Here’s how we spent the day:

Geric has to leave at 5am everyday to go to school now but he left cards and flowers on the table.  I started a tradition this year that my kids will get to eat cupcakes for breakfast on their birthdays.  So he enjoyed two… because he’s 2!


That evening once we were all together Caden got to open some presents.  He got a lawn mower, puzzles, clothes, and a workbench.


We went to Disneyland on Monday to celebrate too because Geric had to work (and so did I) on our actual birthday.  We had a fun time though.  That’s when I got all emotional.  I was watching Caden watching the parade and he was really liking it and he’s never really liked it before.  I know, I’m retarded but oh well.  He’s growing up!


Be on the look out for pictures of his upcoming pirate parrrrty!  We’re very excited for it, matees!  Arrrrrrrr!

4 responses

  1. Nice video action!
    Looks like Caden could use some pants for his birthday too! (who am I to talk – my kid spent half the day w/no pants on at Disneyland yesterday) (but had fun in the water)

  2. Hey Kiddo,
    that video is hilarious. I was totally laughing out loud. So I have a blog it’s lifeaccordingtoalisha.blogspot.com. Well I love ya and I will see ya soon.

  3. Both my daughter and grandson – I must be a sap, too, ‘cuz I can cry and get sentimental on your birthdays, too. Very cute video – could just kiss his face.
    Love, MOM and mahmaw?

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