Caden CAN play nice

buddies3.jpgAfter last weeks playdate where I was utterly mortified by my son’s behavior, I was starting to think that he was becoming a terrible bully and we were going to be the kid that was avoided on the playground and uninvited to playgroups.  But then today Ezra came over to play and Caden was so nice.  He shared his toys and everything!  No hair pulling or hitting.  Just some minor wrestling, but come on, they’re boys!  So I decided the reason he was so naughty last week was because of the sudden surge of estrogen in the house… he’s not used to that at all!  Here’s proof of Caden playing nicely!  I had to document it.  (By the way, sorry Megan and Rachel!)



4 responses

  1. Yay Caden!! Caden and Gavin should play sometime, then neither of us will have to be embarrassed mommies! The Gavinator is VERY rough, but he suprises me sometimes too! 🙂

  2. Aubrey’s hair is really pullable, I’ll have to learn to french braid before she develops a fear of boys 🙂 Aubrey also plays better with kids she is familiar with, he probably didn’t like strange kids taking his toys! Oh, and happy birthday to both of you!

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