Yo, Ho! Yo, Ho! A Pirate Party for Caden!

Last Saturday was Caden’s 2nd birthday party.  We had so much fun!  It was supposed to be a swim party, but the weather did not cooperate, but we had fun nonetheless.  Here’s some pictures!

How many kids can you fit in a teeny tiny sand box?

Geneva tried her hardest to be a really mean pirate, but she ended up just being a really cute pirate!




Cap’n Geric led all the kids on a treasure hunt.  (I love that guy!  He cracks me up!)

Look how cute Caden was looking for all the clues!  He kept saying, “Arrrrrg!”  and “Yo!”  He makes me heart melt!

The treasure was a treasure box pinata!  Caden tried really hard to get it to open, but after all the kids took a swing, it took a little ooomph from Daddy to finally get the candy.

Time to make a wish!

I made the cake all by myself and the icing is homemade, too!  I was really proud of my mommy-baking skills!  Here’s a close up!

We had so much fun!  But, man, was I pooped at the end of the day! 


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