mouse.jpgThere’s a mouse in our house, and it’s not our pet!  Ick!  I say “mouse” and not “mice” because if I think about there being more than one disgusting rodent walking around my house while my babies sleep, I think I’m going to vomit! 

Last night was the discovery.  I was sitting on the couch watching “Private Pratice” (which is actually a pretty lame show and will probably be cancelled… poor Addison.) I was enjoying my alone time as the boys were asleep and Geric was at youth group when I heard a strange sound coming from the kitchen.  I got up and looked around and realized the sound was coming from my oven.  There was something crawling around in there!  I contemplated turning the oven on full blast, but that made me sad (such a terrible way to die!) and I waited for Geric to get home.  When he got here (5 minutes later) it had escaped!  YUCK!  EWWWW!  GROSS!  I immediately emailed the terminix guy (we’ll pay anything!) and put Jacob’s bed in our room.  There was no way I was leaving my baby out with the mouse… I can’t even imagine!  Then I spent a good half an hour crouched on one of our dining room chairs while I made Geric look for the little creature. 

This morning I started my cleaning spree (because it is after our crumbs) and I found mouse dropping all over the place!  EWWWWWW!  They were in the couch cushions, by the vent in the bathroom, under the kitchen sink, and (worst of all) in a box of old clothes under Caden’s crib! 

Right now Geric is putting out poison and duct taping our vents because our house is on a raised foundation and we’re guessing that’s how it’s getting in.  The earliest the terminix guy could be here is tomorrow between 4 and 6!  First that skunk, now the mice!  We’ve even heard from our neighbors that coyotes wander around here at night eating small dogs!  Who would’ve thought Riverside was a wildlife preserve?   


6 responses

  1. About that playdate- I think I need to wash my hair that day, so geez what a BUMMER! guess Ill have to meet your mouse another time! =) Nic

  2. It’s true Riverside is chock full of creatures. We have had run in’s with rats, skunks, opossums and raccoons. Thankfully we have been creature free since we moved to this street. Although there is one very annoying cat that hangs around.

  3. My skin is crawling! I remember going through my old clothes one time and my dresser drawer (is that spelled right) was jammed. When I got it out there was a dead mouse in the runner. Ewww… We had a huge field across the street and above our huose and we would get tiny visitors from time to time. Hopefully after this will be your last visitor!

  4. Here’s my worst mouse memory: When I lived with my parents my cat Sneakers would come in and out of my room thru a hole I made in the window screen. One night she came in and I thought she was carrying a baby kitten in her mouth. Nope. It was a dead mouse that she laid on my floor in the middle of the night. Thank God for daddys – mine got up and removed the mouse for me. 🙂

  5. Hey Erin,

    I usually don’t post stuff on Blog’s but. One thing you can do to get Rats and Mice out of your house is use this great thing called the Rat Zapper. It is a box that takes 2 batteries. You put food in the box to attract the mice. once the step on the coils in the Rat Zapper. It immediately gives them an electric shock that will kill them instantly. The bonus is it is shaped in a box so you don’t have to touch the mouse with your hands. Check it out it is “The Rat Zapper”


  6. Sis… I haven’t been on here for a while and just read about the mice and I am really grossed out! Can I babysit at Mom’s again this week! Seriously, I baked food that we ate in your oven! ick… good luck! Love u!

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