The Joys of the Terminix Man

So the terminix man came yesterday afternoon, after I had finally come to grips with the fact that there is definitely more than one mouse wandering around in here.  There’s just way too much poop!  I’m hoping that they just get busy quickly and poop a lot, and not that this has been going on unnoticed for a time!  BLEH!  The terminix guy confirmed my suspisions.  “You probably only have one family, though,” he says.  How big is one family of mice, you ask?  Five?  Six?  Ten?  “About twenty,” he tells me.  Nice.

Anyway, wouldn’t you think the terminix guy has some special poison or spray or something.  I feel like by the time he leaves my humble abode I should feel all safe a secure and cozy like I used to.  No.  He said the best thing he could do, especially since we have small children to put out these non-toxic glue trays all over my house for the mice to walk through and get stuck in.  Really?  Since they are non-toxic the mice don’t die right away, they’re just stuck.  “The fastest way to put them out of their misery is to drown them in a bucket of water and then toss them in the trash,” calmly says the terminix man as if we are shopping for a new pair of shoes.  I think, “Oh, okay… I’ll get right on that.”  COULD THIS BE MORE DISGUSTING!?!?!

So now we have three of these wonderful glue trays on the floor of nearly every room of our house.  Caden is very intrigued, so it should be a good time trying to keep him away from them.  We put the ones in the play room up on the counter during the day and lock him in with the baby gate.  (I’m in there with him most of the time, so he’s not lonely.) 

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone wants to come over for a playdate?  Any takers?  Anyone?  Anyone? 


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