The Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we got out of the house for little while to visit the pumpkin patch.  (Which is where mice SHOULD live.  But on the bright side there has been no more mice poop and no stuck mice for me to get sick over!  I think they ate Geric’s poison or they’re all stuck to the glue traps under the house, which is totally okay with me.  AND Caden has only stuck his hand in the glue trap once which was enough to scare him and now he walks WAY around them saying, “no, no.”)  Anyway, back to the pumpkin patch.

There is a really cute pumpkin patch in Yucaipa, right up the road from us.  We discovered it last year with the Hamilton/Whitehead gang, but we couldn’t make it with them this year, so we flew solo.  Caden had a lot of fun this year.  There is a petting zoo and bouncey toys.  There was also a little band while we were there and kettle corn!  Yum, yum!  I love fair-type delicacies!  After all that fun we headed to the big field of pumpkins to pick out a few.  Here are our pictures!


And by the end of the trip Jacob had turned back into a pumpkin!  Haha!



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  1. Is that pumpkin patch really right up the road from you, Erin? If so…we are going to be neighbors soon!! Ben and I just bought a house in Yucaipa. If all goes well, escrow should close Nov 6th, but we won’t be moving until Nov. 17th. Ben has this really “important” CAL game to go to the weekend we should be moving! 🙂 Maybe we can see more of each other!

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