Mouse Update

I know you’re all dying to know about what is going on with my “mouse situation.”  Well, we have not found one mouse stuck to the little glue traps.  Some would say, “Oh no, they’re still wandering around your house?”  But I say, “Thank God!  The thought of seeing a mouse stuck in glue struggling for life is enough to make me faint.”  (Speaking of fainting did anyone see Dancing With The Stars last night?  Whoa, Marie Osmond, what’s up with that?)  Anyway, the really really good news is that there has been absolutely NO MOUSE POOP in the last week!  Hip hip hooray!  Either they ate Geric’s poison, are stuck to the glue traps under the house (the Terminix man is coming back on Friday so I’ll let him check that out), or they blew away in the 100mph winds we’ve been having!!!  Here’s the bright side to having a mouse… my house has never been cleaner, because God forbid I leave a crumb on my floor to entice him to come back! 

Here’s a sidenote: ever since I told Caden about the Mickey Mouse running around our house, he has been obsessed with his Mickey Mouse toy.  He brings it everywhere with us, but I’ve been making him leave it in the car.  He’s also picked up every fuzz ball off the carpet (at my house and my parents house) and hands it to me saying, “oh no” because he thinks it’s mouse poop.  Did I traumatize him?   

One response

  1. I too have been on a bleach cleaning spree, not because of mice, but because of germs. All the dripping pee in my bathroom is enough to make my stomach turn, so I have bleached tons of surfaces, and clean my bathroom about twice a day. I hope your mice blew away and I hope the air conditions are improving day by day.

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