What’s Missing From This Picture?

Look very closely at this picture.  There’s something missing. 

Give up?  It’s another baby!  No, I’m not pregnant, but Nicci is!  We decided that life just isn’t as exciting without one of us pregnant and seeing as I just had a baby she took one for the team and got herself knocked up!  She’s due around June 26th… almost exactly a year after Jacob, who was almost exactly a year after Ezra, who was 7 month after Caden, who was a year and a half after Geneva.  (I told you we like to alternate pregnancies.)  Crazy, huh?  I decided that since she has completely neglected her own blog, I would post it on mine.  Be looking for monthly photos or her growing belly!  J/K!!!


5 responses

  1. Yay Nicci! I miss that girl.

    So I was going to see if you wanted to do a park playdate this past week and then everything caught on fire. Dumb air quality messed everything up! = )

  2. Weren’t we just talking about this at Caden’s party!?! Perfect timing, huh? I said exactly the same things she did and I didn’t even know I was ALREADY pregnant! 🙂 Send my congrats to her! 🙂


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