A Pirate and His Pet Tiger

Our Halloween started out with a photo session at our house.  Caden was running around yelling “ARRRRRG!” and “yo, yo, yo, yo!” (That’s “yo ho, yo ho” for those of you that are wondering.  Although, I always think “Yo!  MTV Raps!” in my head when he says it.)  He was pretty excited, which is weird becuase I’m sure he doesn’t remember any previous Halloweens and we hadn’t told him about the candy.  And Jacob was seriously the cutest tiger I have every seen!  Geric’s mom was there to help them get ready and to see us off.


Anyway, after our photo session we headed out to Church on the Hill for “trunk or treat.”  Everyone decorates their trunks and you walk around trick or treating from them.  I don’t really get it, but Caden ended up with a pumpkin full of candy.  We only stayed for a little bit because there wasn’t much for little kids to do there, so we headed over to my mom and dad’s house to trick or treat there.  Here’s how silly my mom and dad are… we walked up to ring the doorbell and we looked down and there was a bowl full of candy!  They used to do this when we were little too, except they’d leave a sign that said “Take one!”  Sure.  I’m sure the first kid that walked up didn’t yell, “JACKPOT!!!” and dumped the whole bowl in his pillow case.  Talk about lack of Halloween spirit!  They crack me up!  




3 responses

  1. We figure the “take 1” sign encourages kids to break rules so early in life. our theory, don’t put a sign, and allow their inner voice to dictate how much they should take. Martha Stewart did this cool fake pumpkin thing where she drilled holes all over it and inserted suckers. Who wants a bunch of suckers? It is bound to keep people being honest.

    The boys look adorable. I guess the trunk thing is suppose to allow people from church to stay within their Christian community and trick or treat with each other. Fun times for the kids either way!

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