Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Mommy

There are days when being a mom is just not the funnest thing in the world.  In fact, there is probably a time everyday when I think, “This is the hardest job I’ve ever done!”  But more often than not, I love being a mommy and here are my top ten reasons why:

10.  I’m the funniest person in the world to at least two different people.  All I have to do to make Jacob crack up is puff out my cheeks in the mirror at him.  And lately, if I laugh at myself, Caden does this really fake belly laugh and then slaps his knee.

9.  They teach me to be humble… especially when there are tantrums being thrown in the middle of restaurants or when I find myself saying things that I said I would NEVER say before I had kids.  You know, things like, “I’ll buy you a treat if you behave” or “Don’t hit your brother” as I’m hitting his hand!

8.  I always have a dance partner.  Caden and I dance together every morning to various artists on the Disney channel.  My favorite is Dan Zanes while Caden prefers the theme song to Mickey Mouse Club House… probably because I always try to dance like Goofy.

7.   They teach you to enjoy the small things in life.  Things like planes flying in the sky, loud motorcycles, small rocks, and ants crawling on the sidewalk.

6.  You get good at really listening and translating the two-year old language.  For example, only I know that Caden wants to pray when he folds his hands and whispers, “Ay.”  I also know that “Bee” can mean several different things depending on the context (bee, auntie B, plane, baby.)

5.  It’s nice not waking up to an alarm clock but rather the babbles of a 5 month old baby boy!

4.  They make me laugh!  Especially Caden… and especially when he’s naughty.  Like last night, I got Jacob out of the bathtub and brought him in Caden’s room and was going back to get Caden when he came running full speed out of the bathroom naked and dripping from head to toe.  He thought he was so clever that he climbed out of the tub all by himself.  He ran around laughing and pinching his bottom!  Then he slipped and fell on the hard wood floor, but no tears.  Just got right back up and kept running around.  

3.  They introduce you to new people.  The other day when we were in Vons Caden ran up to the check out line yelling “Py!  Hi Py!  Ma, Py!  Hi Py!”  There was an old man standing there and he started waving to Caden and saying hi.  He was really nice.  And then Caden looked right passed him and pointed at a balloon of SPIderman.  (That’s “Py.”)  The old man said, “Oh, I thought he was talking to me!”  It was funny.  But we ended up standing in line with this guy and having a nice little chat about Spiderman.

2.  They teach you flexibility.  I wake up every morning with a plan, especially for Jacob.  You know, he’s going to eat at this time, nap at this time, go to bed at this time and SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!  But things never go according to plan.  It’s nice to be flexible.

1.  The number one reason I love being a Mommy is… drum roll please… my heart has never been filled with so much love.  It’s one thing growing up and loving your family, and even something more intense falling in love with your spouse, but there is not much in the world that compares to the love I have for my kids!  It’s actually taught me a lot about the love Jesus has for me… even when I’m naughty.

Okay, there you have it.  If you’re a mom and you’re having a tough day (or even if you’re not) I encourage you to make your own top ten list.       


3 responses

  1. My daily prayer, “Lord, please let my patience for Aubrey far surpase my love for her.” It hasn’t been answered with a firm yes yet, but the Lord is growing me through her two’s! We like Cho Cho Soul best ourselves, but will dance to anything!!! And for bath time, I bring diapers and jammies into the bathroom and get Aisnley all ready while Aubrey is still in the tub, then get Aubrey out. Well, actually I take a shower with Aubrey most days and throw Ainsley in the shower with Mike a couple times a week, but if we have time for sister bath time, I keep us all in the bathroom.

    Great post! Perspective is amazing!!!

  2. Okay I absolutely love that post. I’m only a month into the mommy zone and I totally agree. It really does stretch your perception of how God loves us and heaven help us it does teach patience and flexibility. It’s super hard but the most wonderful thing in the world. When Noah smiles at me, my heart just melts. It’s love like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

  3. PS – You’re totally right about being introduced to new people. I have met so many random people because of this little guy. I have people stopping me all the time to tell me how cute he is and getting in discussions with me about parenting and giving me advice as a first time mom. It’s fun meeting people I’d probably never otherwise talk to. I swear everywhere I go, I talk to someone new. I love it.

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