Something New

When I was little my dad would always say, “Learn something new!” as he kissed us goodbye for the day.  Here’s my “something new” for today.  If I plug my vacuum into this one outlet in my house I can vacuum the whole house without having to unplug the cord!!!  Do I have really small house or just an extremely long vacuum cord?  You decide.


4 responses

  1. something I learned the other day was if you put your curling iron on your face it will burn and leave a really pretty mark! (yes, I also learned this back in high school too, did I retain this knowledge, apparently not)

  2. I’m impressed Stef curls her hair. I’m in a wet pony after my shower! I’ve heard it is important to maintain your beauty for your husband. I hope I’m beautiful with a pony tail, because that is the only wife he is going to have as long as I have a hair puller for a daughter.

    That’s really cool about your vacuum discovery. I hate vacuuming upstairs because I have to plug it in 4 different places because of my stupid hallway. I think our house came with the universal vacuum option, where it is on the walls somehow, ,but it sounded pretty upity and I didn’t want to pay for it. I bet if we had it I would vacuum upstairs a whole lot more. Oh and I have a short cord too.

  3. I had to re-learn something new: how to skip.
    I was making a joke to Ryan and I was pretending to skip and he said “That’s not really a skip, that’s a trot” and I realized I had forgotten how to skip! So me and Ryan started skipping down the hallway at 11 o’clock at night trying to get it down right.
    I think forgetting how to skip must be a metaphor for getting old.
    So sad.

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