Prunes should come with a warning label

Before I start this post, just an update.  We’re back in our house.  Yay!  All little critters are gone, as far as we know, and the boys didn’t sleep too terribly bad while we were at my parents house.  Now my goal is to get Jacob consistently sleeping through the night, buy him a crib, and put him in Caden’s room.  I’ve been talking to people on the babywhisperer’s webpage, so I’m hoping there’s a baby genius over there that can help me.  They’re British, you know.  Those Brits are good with the kiddos… Supernanny, Mary Poppins, need I say more?

Anyway, yesterday Geric and I took the boys to Babies R Us to look for a mini-crib for Jacob.  (Up until now he’s been sleeping in our bed for naps and the pack n play at night.  Sad, second child syndrome, I know.)  I was really proud of myself that I actually got Geric to go with me because he “loathes that store.”  Those are his words, not mine.  I really can’t figure out why.  It’s baby paradise, right?  Anyway, before we left I fed Jacob breakfast which is usually pears, but we were out so my choices were squash or prunes.  Who wants vegetables for breakfast?  Prunes it is!

I knew prunes were a natural laxative, but I had NO IDEA what was in store for me.  Jacob was a little fussy on the way there and as we pulled him out of the car to put his car seat in the cart, Geric pointed at him and said, “WHAT IT THAT???”  I looked down and his entire bottom half was soaked in pruney poop!  Geric wanted to get back in the car and go back home, but I knew he was just using this as an excuse to get out of going into the store he loathes… I wasn’t falling for it!  I told him we would just buy him a new outfit from the store and change him there. 

The changing part was quite a challenge.  By the end of the changing session I had poop up to my elbows, Geric was dry heaving, and the lady at the changing table next to us was looking at us like we were the worst parents on the planet… just wait lady, just wait, your turn’s a comin’!

Anyway, by the end of it all I decided that prunes should come with a warning label.  Something like:  WARNING: May cause explosions.  Good idea, eh?

2 responses

  1. Mmmm, prunes. Yeah we eat them in small quantities over here… or when we really NEED them.

    We bought Ainsley’s crib and mattress on Craig’s List for a hundred bucks. And now Aubrey is out of her crib 7 months later. Oh well, it was really handy to have two. I have two friends that only used pack and plays for their kids and then went straight to a twin mattress on the ground. Too bad you don’t have a friend that you can borrow a crib from for a few months intil Caden is ready for a bed. So many decisions in this whole parentling thing! Sorry about the blow out and good luck with the night sleeping.

  2. I was debating about getting a bed for Caden or a crib for Jacob, so I was looking on Craigs List and I stumbled upon a “mini crib.” It’s the size of a pack n play (which is good because their bedroom isn’t the biggest) and it converts to a twin size bed. What a plus! I think I need to keep Caden in his crib a little while longer, especially since the two of them are going to be sharing a room. We’ve all seen what Caden is capable of when I’m actually in the room, I would hate to think of what might happen in the middle of the night! Although, he has gotten a lot better. 🙂 Another plus is that it’s half the price if a regular crib. So it’s good all around!

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