Holiday Festival of Lights

On Saturday before Kristin and Rob headed back up to O-town, we brought them to Riverside for the Fesitval of Lights.  It’s really cute!  The Mission Inn is all decked out in Christmas light and there are a couple of blocks of cute little shops.  At the end there was a band playing some worship music.  There were also horse drawn carriages.  Caden would’ve loved riding in one, but it was 8:30pm (an hour passed his bedtime) and Jacob was already zonked out in the stroller.  Maybe we’ll go down there again on a weeknight before Caden’s bedtime.  Here’s the fun we had!

This picture is a little blurry, but the Mission Inn looked so pretty!

I think we can all see who the favorite child is… me!

Kristin and Rob

Me and Ger

This place has the BEST apple crisp I’ve ever tasted!  I discovered them at the OC fair a couple years ago, and I knew they were at the LA fair too.  (Need I say more… fair delicacies… mmmmmmm!)  I was so excited so see they were five minutes from my house!

Caden with his Maw and Pops.  He was a scrooge at first with his Santa hat (kept taking it off!) but then he warmed up to it.  


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  1. Wow, you went post crazy! It sounds like you had a great holiday weekend. Now I want apple crisp, how will I ever get rid of this belly with so many delicious desserts and so little exercise?

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