Christmas at Disneyland

Today we went to Disneyland and it was so much fun!  I love Disneyland at Christmastime.  It’s just so festive and pretty.  The decorations are amazing and the best part is the fireworks show with the snow at the end.  Caden was really excited about it, but had to make sure that Geric moved to the middle of the pathway so he could get some on his head.  Sometimes I think the out-of-towners must think us Californians are real dorks, the way we get so excited over our fake snow.

Don’t mind Geric looking around frantically… he was worried someone was going to steal our stroller.  He’s always really worried about that.  Do people really steal strollers at Disneyland?  I guess it could happen.  But, if you’re that desperate for a stroller that you’re willing to pay to go to Disneyland to steal one, then you can have mine. 

It was Jacob’s first time on the carousel but I think Geric had more fun than he did.  I kept trying to take a video of them but everytime they came around Geric thought I was taking their picture, so I have four little videos of Geric smiling all big and cheesy, but not moving at all, because he was in picture mode.  It cracked me up!  But it’s probably not funny to anybody else, so here’s just a normal ol’ picture of the two of them.

We also took Caden on Peter Pan for the very first time.  (Usually the line is WAY too long, but today it was only a half an hour.)  I don’t remember the ride being so dark.  Caden was a little spooked, but he’s kind of a scaredy-cat anyway.  Afterwards, we took him over to where Santa was (because we believe in Santa over here in the DeVincenzo household) and we saw his reindeer and we were going ot sit on his lap (well, I wasn’t going to sit on his lap, but the boys were), but that line was definitely too long and the Christmas parade was going to start!  So after a minor meltdown about not being able to keep a ball with Mickey Mouse on it we enjoyed the parade.  You know what I really liked about it?  The fact that they dared to say “Merry Christmas.”  It really bugs me when people say “Happy Holidays.”  When did we become so politically correct that we couldn’t name the actual holiday that we all decorate for and celebrate?  It’s annoying to me. 

One last picture for you all.  Here’s a cute one of Caden and I in front of “It’s a Small World.”  Caden is going through a phase where the stroller is his enemy and he refuses to ride.  So, if we want to walk faster than Caden pace, I end up giving his a piggyback ride.


3 responses

  1. Ahh, fake Disney snow. I loved it too, so much in fact that I now get my own snowflakes weekly for months at a time. It is just a little colder when it happens…

  2. Too cute! You know a lot of those kids rides are really actually pretty scary – especially Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Isn’t that the one that takes you through HELL complete with flames and everything? Freaky.

  3. Too cute… Best picture ever of you and caden in front of it’s a small world! Love u! Good Luck this weekend… Just don’t shake them 🙂

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