No Daddy!

That’s Caden new favorite phrase.  He says it anytime Geric is around, for any reason really.  We made a big mistake and laughed at him the first time he said it, so now he’s out of control.  But now we put him in the naughty chair when he says it.. talk about mixed messages! 

But the reason I titled this post “No Daddy” is because there won’t be a Daddy here all weekend.  It’s just me and the boys.  Geric is going to winter camp, he leaves this afternoon, and he won’t be home until Sunday afternoon.  So, if you think of it, pray for me.  It’s hard flying solo with two little ones. 

Also, here’s a little praise: Jacob slept last night from 10:30 to almost 5am!  Hip, hip, hooray!  He was wide awake at 5am, and it took me an hour to get him back to sleep, but still, that was a good 6 and a half hours of sleep for me.  I’m refreshed and ready to conquer the day!


3 responses

  1. Look on the bright side, it gives you a whole weekend to appreciate your hubby all the moor. Maybe at some point you can be the one to go away for a full weekend, kid free.

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