Weekend Update

The weekend without Geric was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  I was seriously dreading Saturday because the news said that it was going to rain all day and that would seriously make for a REALLY long day… being stuck in the house with no adult interaction.  But, it only rained in the morning and a little bit at night so we actually went for a walk for an hour!  Caden walked too, so we actually didn’t walk far, just very slowly, picking up sticks, talking to trees, things like that.  Then, my mom and dad stopped by in the evening for dinner.  Caden was SOOOOO exicted when he saw them at the door.  I wish I had it on video because it was such a cute moment.

I’m not sure if Caden is ready to be potty trained because everytime I mention going potty on the big potty he screams no and runs away, but he has had this thing lately with taking off his diaper.  He did it one evening when I was making dinner so Geric walked in to an half naked child.  Then he did it again during his nap when my sister was babysitting.  And he also did it one night in the middle of the night, and he peed all over his pillow.  That was a fun thing to clean up at midnight.  Anyway, I think he just likes to be naked.  On Saturday I walked into his bedroom and he looked like this. 


When Geric got home, we celebrated by (what else?) going to Disneyland!  If I was going to do Christmas cards this year (but I’m not because we’re running low on the Christmas funds) my Christmas card might have this picture on the front.  Except Geric closed his eyes. 


Caden also got to see Sully.  He was really excited until he got up close, then had a death grip on Geric’s t-shirt. 

Finally, just a little Jacob update: his butt flattened out and he’s sitting on his own!  Well, until his brother tackles him… in a loving way of course.  He’s toughening up, too.  I think he’s starting to like all the tackling.  He’s also finally falling asleep without being swaddled first.  I know, he’s almost 7 months old, but he was a swaddle addict.  I really thought I was going to have to go to his dorm room in college and swaddle him every night!  (Haha!  The thought of that seriously cracks me up!)  But, I finally just started putting him in his sleep sack and tucking his blanket around him.  It worked.  And, even better, he’s sleeping through the night!  Hip, hip hooray!  I hope to have the two of them in the same room by the time Geric’s Christmas break is over.  We’ll see how it goes!


4 responses

  1. My friend was affraid of the neverending swaddle too. I’m not a great swaddler so my kids always wiggled out anyway.

    I’m so glad you said that about Christmas cards. We also decided to skip it since after postage it would be about 90 cents each. I would rather buy my kids gifts then mail a bunch of people a picture of my kiddos and a Christmas letter. That being said, there will be a picture of my kids on my blog real soon with a letter to boot. Of course if you read my blog you could just skip reading the letter sonce it is a very watered down version of the last year.

    I’m glad your weekend went well, bedtime can be a eal bear without a helper, just ask my 13 year old babysitter!

  2. Hunter went through a stage where he LOVED being naked… Jenn Corbett gave me the idea that he could be naked any time he wanted, but he HAD to be in the bathroom when doing so. He was potty trained in a day!

    Not that you have to potty train him… I was just bringing that up because Hunter went through the same thing… He loved LOVED having that diaper off…

  3. Steph brings up a good point. Whenever Jimmy wants to be naked he also has to stay in the bathroom. Luckily for me he is already potty trained. 🙂

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