Ear Infections and Sleeping Through the Night

Last night was the beginning of my quest to get Jacob and Caden in the same room.  I decided to leave Jacob in our bed (surrounded by a million pillows… don’t worry) and Geric and I would take the couches for a few nights.  We usually move him out to his bed in the family room at 10:30 when we go to bed and I feed him then, but since I want to get rid of that feed, I decided we’ll just leave him where he is.  (When you live in a two bedroom house, you have to get creative.)  Well, he’s slept 12 hours the last two nights… PRAISE JESUS!!!  So, we’re going to do it one more night and then it’s into Caden’s room.  So, if you think of it, pray prayers of sleep and peace on Saturday night!

Unfortunately, just because Jacob sleeps, doesn’t mean Mommy does.  Caden woke up in the middle of the night on Wednesday with an ear infection.  He would cry when I made him lay back down and point to his ear and say, “ow!”  I brought him to the couch with me and he slept on and off until 7am.  When we got up for the day he just sat around.  That’s when you know Caden’s sick.  If he stops going, then there’s probably something wrong.  So we headed down to Kaiser, got our ears checked by Grandma, picked up some antibiotics and spent the rest of the day watching movies.  Today he seems to be feeling a lot better, but he still points to his ear and says, “ow.”  He also points to the medicine cabinet and says, “meds.”  He might just be a little druggie.  J/K! 


3 responses

  1. Owen and Kendra slept in the same room (they still do) when they were little and even when one woke up, the other usually stayed asleep. I am sure your boys will be fine. Liam and Riley had shared a room for most of their lives, until we moved to this house. Riley really misses sharing with Liam and alot of the time they will still have sleep overs in each others rooms.

  2. Sorry about the ear infection. Yuck! Congrats on the 12 hour nights. We have been hitting a wall at 10 hours the last four nights, she eats and goes back to sleep for the next two. It’s a bummer when ten hours of continuous sleep lands you awake at 4am!

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