First Night: SUCCESS!

Last night was the first night that the boys shared a room, and it went so well.  We put Jacob down first, because he usually goes to bed a half an hour earlier than Caden anyway.  It took him a little while to get settled.  (I think he was getting used to the luxury of our pillow top mattress covered by a down comforter.  Poor guy, now he has to sleep on a hard ol’ crib mattress… yuck!)  By the time Caden went to bed, Jacob had just fallen asleep and Caden had to go and see a monster in his room!  So, while I quietly scared away the monster, Jacob woke up.  But I popped the binky back in his mouth and he fell asleep.  Caden fell asleep too.  They slept peacefully until 3:30am, when I heard Jacob.  But I just popped the binky back in and, like magic, back to sleep.  Caden didn’t even stir.  They slept the rest of the night until 7:15am.  Yay!  This was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  If you prayed for me, muchas gracias!  Your prayers worked!

Now you can pray for tomorrow.  We’re entertaining 16 people (DeVincenzo’s and Nelson’s) for an authentic Italian Christmas Eve!  🙂


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