Our Christmas

Christmas eve morning started with me waking up feeling a bit like death warmed over.  Geric wanted to call all 16 people and tell them that Christmas Eve was cancelled, but that’s just sad.  So, I sucked it up and made my Nana’s gnocchi and my Grandma’s caper chicken, which I hear was quite delicious.  I didn’t eat anything that day.  Here’s my pretty table decorations and Jacob opening up Christmas jammies from Auntie B.

And here’s some of our guests (DeVincenzos and Nelsons):

After dinner, we went to church, where there was no child care.  I could go on and on about this, considering it was a two hour service, but I won’t.  Instead, I will just say that I heard it was a nice service and Geric did a really good job when he gave his little sermon on the shepherds.  I didn’t hear it because I was entertaining my kids in another room with 4 other mommies.  🙂

Christmas morning was fun.  Caden woke up super excited to see if Santa had come.  The cookies had been eaten and Rudolph had bitten off some of the carrot, so he must have been here!  He was really excited about his new easel and a train set with pirates.  Jacob was very excited about the paper and the ribbons.

Yes, that is a binky in Caden mouth… I know he’s too old for it, but he only uses it to fall asleep at night, so whatever!

I stayed sick until yesterday, when I fianlly started feeling better, and then Caden took over for me.  He seems to be feeling a lot better today, so that’s good.  Hopefully, we’ll all be healthy by new years!


3 responses

  1. email me about this train set with pirates. Those are Aubrey’s two favorite things and it may be a great birthday present!

    I’m sorry about you being sick. that is no fun, especially on Christmas. I’ve been checking your blog for days thinking you would be quick with the Christmas post. Now I get it!

    Mike was in the production during the service so I was planning on bringing Aubrey in with me. The nursery had too many kids so I brought her in two. That was rough getting through the service with two young kids. I was so sweaty by the end and did not smell good at all!

  2. We so got sick after Christmas too. How fun that Santa came 😉 I’ll bet Caden was super excited.

    And that sucks about child care – I confess I haven’t been to church yet because I’m nervous to leave Noah. Guess I better get over it.

  3. Sis… that’s so cute that you played Santa! We’re so grown up… or at least you are- I still think Im in High School. Light n Power here I come 🙂 j/k! Cuper cute pics on Christmas Morning! Miss u!

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