Deceptively Delicious

I got the book Deceptively Delicious from my mom for Christmas so I decided to try out one of the recipes last night for dinner. I was thinking that this would be a great book for us because, along with the stroller, Caden’s greatest enemy is the vegetable.  I was so excited to trick him into eating them!  HAHAHA!  So I made these burgers that have carrots in them and I also made garlic french fries and grilled asparagus.  We sat down to eat and Caden took one look at his dish and shoved it away.  Then he looked again and said “want, want” pointing at his plate.  I thought he was talking about the fries, but he went and ate all his asparagus and wanted more when he was done!  This kid!  Just when I think I have him figured out, he goes and changes things up! 

It’s like he has spies and they have secret meetings while I’m taking a shower.  You know his spy says something like, “Agent 002, you’ve done a great job abstaining from the veggies, but she’s on to you!  She’s going to try out a covert manuever tonight that other mommies have been trying for years.  Don’t fall for it!  Tonight, you will like the vegetable!  Ah, hahahaha!  Ah, hahahaha!”


2 responses

  1. How funny they change things up like that. Erin, what am I gonna do when I have to make Noah eat a balanced diet – I’m like the most pickiest eater ever. I don’t like most of the stuff he’s supposed to eat. 😦

    I’ll just bring him to your house for veggie surprises 🙂 hee hee

  2. Another secret conversation that you never heard…

    Agent 002- Caden, your mommy is going to try a covert operation. Its an attempt to get you to eat your veggies

    Caden- nooooooo

    Agent 002- yes, but you are going to bust this sting WIDE open

    Caden- owwwww

    Agent 002- you shall thwart her plan by EATING THE VEG…

    Caden- noooooo

    Agent- Wait, let me finish! EATING THE VEGGIES, and tomorrow when she changes your diaper, it’ll be green disgusting goodness for the enemy! Muahahaha!!

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