A Turning Point

Caden and Jacob are finally “playing” together!  It seriously happened overnight.  Caden woke up this morning right as I was putting Jacob down for his nap (because he wakes up at 5:30 everyday!!!!) and Caden got all upset that they couldn’t play together.  When Jacon woke up, Caden was being so sweet. He kept giving him toys and kissing his head.  We went outside to play and Caden wanted to sit and play with Jacob the whole time!  Amazing!!  After Caden woke up from his nap they played together in his crib for 15 minutes while I did some laundry.  They were both in there cracking each other up!  Tonight the fun continued. Here’s a really cute video I took.

After their bath, I turned on a movie. Could they be any cuter???

Also, a quick Jacob update. He sitting like a champ and rolling all over the place.

He can get into crawling position on his own and does the whole moving back and forth bit without really moving anywhere.  Any day now…

His eyes are still blue.  I think they’re gonna stay that way.  Who would’ve thought?

He’s been drooling up a storm!  He got his first tooth about a week ago, but the drooling continues.  We call him “Slimer.”

3 responses

  1. Your videos are so cute!
    Apparently that crawling position moving back and forth thing is referred to as “rocking” I called it “humping” and my mom corrected me. Hee hee.

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