My New Role Model

Have you seen the show on TLC called Jon and Kate Plus Eight?  I recently started watching it, and Kate is my new role model.  She is absolutely amazing.  Let me give you a little background in case you have never seen the show. 

The two of them had fertility issues, so they did something (not sure what) and ended up having twins.  They decided they wanted one more so they went for it again, and ended up having sextuplets!  (And you thought your life was crazy!) 

Kate was a nurse but become a SAHM after she had kids and she is seriously the most organized person on the planet.  Her kids are on a schedule (they take naps together!), she’s a great disciplinarian, her house is always clean, plus, she has a great sarcastic personality.  I think I would totally be her friend if we lived in the same state… except we would probably never hang out because she has eight kids.  I love watching this show because it makes me feel like my life is a lot less hectic than I think it is.  Plus, I see her do thing with her six kids that I’m afraid to try with my one, and it inspires me to be brave.  Things like putting them all in big beds and potty training.  Although, she did successfully potty train all the girls, but the boys are still in diapers.  Interesting…  Also, the interaction between her and her husband cracks me up!  It hits a little close to home.

Anyway, if you’re bored and you’re flipping through the channels, you should totally watch this show.  It inspires me to be a better mommy and it’s a good laugh.

3 responses

  1. Erin,
    You crack me up!! I love that show and I do not have any kiddos! She is one brave woman, and it does amaze me how she does it all. It is amazing how organized she is, and she is very sarcastic(which is quite funny)!! Have you seen the episode where they go away and she packs all the kids up. It is amazing what she has to bring and get together, and you know she eats all organic! Crazy right!!! I hope you are doing well, I enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Erin,
    I love this show, too! I started watching their specials when their babies were born and watching the show at the beginning of last season. I love seeing how all their kids interact and how Jon and Kate still seem close in their talking to the camera time even though things might be rough when their with the kids. She is totally organized.

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