Happy Birthday Pops!

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday.  I forgot to call him.  What a dummy!  BUT, I did not forget his birthday.  I was actually waiting for the perfect time to call (because I knew he was at work all day, and then I had to work last night, and then… okay I know, I’m lame, but I really didn’t forget.)  Here’s proof.  Caden and I made a little video that we were going to email him, but I decided to put it on here for the world to see instead.

A little info before you partake of such fine entertainment.  My dad and Caden have a very special bond.  I can see why, my Dad is a pretty cool guy.  But, Caden especially likes him.  In fact, if my Dad was to have a fan club, I’m almost positive Caden would be the president.  When we get off the the freeway in Rancho, if we’re going anywhere but Pop’s house, he cries.  (Unless I tell him we’re going to play with Ezra, then he cheers up.)  Anyway, I think when I told Caden that we were going to make a movie for Pops, he thought we were going to actually see him.  So here’s our birthday movie and Caden’s reaction when he discovers that Pops isn’t here.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!  (Oh, and the reason Caden is messing with his ear is because he had previously put rice in it for dinner.  Nice.)


4 responses

  1. That’s hilarious! And I got in trouble for not calling you on your anniversary??? I have the cutest Nephews ever… Grandma called me today on my cell phone ( so modern of her) and she was all excited about her Christmas gifts and thinks she has the best looking kids, grandkids, and great grandkids out of all her friends… Humble, I know, but I wasn’t gonna argue! 🙂 Miss u…

  2. That was the BEST birthday gift I have ever received. I have always known that I have the most wonderful grandchildren (and children!) in the world and that little piece of cinematic accomplishment prooves it! THANKS!

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